I think I need my inhaler

Let me start by explaining that once a year my family vacation is trekking the 16 hour drive (yes we drive every time, in one day) to upstate N.Y. to our time share cabin in the Adirondack state park.  It’s absolutely beautiful there, almost like out of a book or fairytale, trees everywhere, no cell service, there’s “internet” 40 minutes away at a library and the best you receive is 3 bars of connection and I’m pretty sure it’s dial-up.

The cabin, looking up from the river (technically "the backyard")

The cabin, looking up from the river (technically “the backyard”)

Let’s get to the part where I almost needed my inhaler, I tend to be dramatic in some moments but this particular one, I think I deserved the want for open breathing.  While vacationing in the state park we rented paddle boards at Blue Mountain Lake, which is beautiful, as is most of everything in that state park.   My friends and I paddled around getting the feel and correct balance for it.  After we had practiced enough close to shore it was time to venture out and do some real exploring…

Look at me balancing and stuff.

Look at me balancing and stuff.Time to venture forth and explore!Time to venture forth and explore!

After some venturing and exploring we happened upon this…

Random rock...right? *cue suspense music*

Random rock…right? *cue suspense music*

Turns out this rock.. people jump off of.  Right now, from that picture, it looks like no big deal, but I’m about to be drafted by my friends to climb up and jump off into the abis of whatever is in this clear but also black water.  My heart is pounding right now just remembering that experience.  I’ll say right now that I’m glad I did it, I’d do it again, but it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life so far.

There will be another picture and even a video of me jumping a little bit later on in this post.  Right now I want to talk about the experience.  So, why did I want my inhaler?  As I stood at the top and edge of this rock, contemplating the safety, I had locals telling me “it’s fine, you wont hit anything” which I was beginning to believe, beginning to make my decision to juuump aaand someone says “all the big fish swim deeper than you’ll go when you jump”.  My question was “what?? What kind of big fish???” Somehow that had not crossed my mind and I backed away for another 15 minutes of contemplation for my life.  The beginning of this day my thoughts were “Lake = no sharks” I was fine, but I hadn’t thought that jumping would be submerging me deeper than I would typically swim, therefore possibly touching a fish bigger than a minnow.  This whole time, deep breaths are not happening, probably because 1: All those thoughts were being processed at once and 2: I was still staring into the chasm of water below me.  Also, all the while my friends screaming “Jump, do it. Come on! Hurry up!” Anyway, a total of 20 minutes pass, in and out of hyperventilation (of course I didn’t bring my inhaler on a paddle board), heart beating in my eyes, and a young brother willing to jump too…  I finally…

Finally Jumping!

Finally Jumping!

My little brother, Parker, is on the left and I’m on the right, over prepared by holding my nose.   I actually survived!!!  No fish-sharks, no rocks hiding beneath the surface, but it was COLD.  Here’s a video of my jump!  This link will take you to the video that I posted on my personal Facebook (feel free to look through the photos from the rest of our trip, titled “Adirondacks ’13“)

Nothing can prepare us southerners for that level of cold water.  The photos were taken with my iPhone in a LifeProof (highly highly highly recommended) but that’s a different blog post.  I’m usually labeled as “the safe one” so I’m pretty excited of the photos and videos documenting the jump.  I still suggest checking your surroundings and below the surface surrounding, aside from that (safety) I suggest hiking up your trousers and making the plunge, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

Don't miss your opportunity to have a great story!

Don’t miss your opportunity to have a great story!



4 thoughts on “I think I need my inhaler

  1. Holy crap. I want to jump off that rock SO BADLY. I LIVE for stuff like that!!! My parents were just in the adirondacks a couple weeks ago, they went whitewater rafting (I’m SO JEALOUS). Lol you made it sound like it was soooo high! That’s nothing though. 🙂 lol. here’ s a picture of me jumping off a ledge in Maine a few years ago. it was a 25 ft ledge haha. https://scontent-a-iad.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash2/228943_1874551143768_6248195_n.jpg check it! 🙂 lol. but yeah, i like jumping off high things into freezing cold water cause that’s how i roll.

    • That’s an awesome picture!!!!! I would probably, maybe, never jump from that height like you did! Ahhh! Haha but since I’m the safe one and cautious one (never having jumped from anything before) this felt like 25ft!!!

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