10 things I learned about Australia

Here’s some interesting facts about Australia, I picked up these cool/weird facts when I was there.  I went for christmas vacation with my family to visit friends there.  We were there for almost 3 weeks and it still doesn’t seem like a long enough time to spend there.  I’m sure you can find way more exciting facts elsewhere but these are ten things I learned while visiting!

1: No Rabies

Australia has never had a rabies outbreak and they do a good job of keeping it that way.  If I wanted to bring my dog, she’d have to stay in quarantine for four months.

” New Zealand and Australia have never had rabies.  However, in Australia, the Australian bat lyssavirus occurs normally in both insectivorous and fruit-eating bats (flying foxes) from most mainland states. ”  – Wikipedia

2: No land predators

They have no large land predators!  We have bears, wolves, mountain lions, etc.  They have small poisonous things.  Crocodiles and sharks are considered water predators.  Here’s a list of the 10 most dangerous animals in Australia.  I thought that was interesting to think about while I was there, if I was hiking or camping I just need to worry about not being bitten by something poisonous instead of fighting off a 1000 pound animal with teeth (or running from and failing.)

3: Don’t use checks

They spell it “cheque” instead.  Australians say that the “cheque” is about as extinct as the Dodo bird and businesses rarely accept them.

4: No one says “Crikey” 

We remember “Crikey” being Steve Irwin’s coin phrase and therefore every Australian must say it.  Nope.  This was a big disappointment to my dad who was just waiting for an aussie to say it.

5: Australians don’t like kangaroos

We stayed in a B&B little country cottage in Milton.  Beautiful place.  The keeper/owner told us that kangaroos usually come out at dusk or in the early morning (like our deer), she told us not to encourage their visit or feed them.  Australians view kangaroos like a pest, farmers are allowed to shoot them and they are common roadkill.

However, I still like Kangaroos

However, I still like Kangaroos

6: Smoking is uncool 

Cigarettes are in closed cases (not visible) and each cigarette pack has a picture of a lung that’s diseased or something else like that.  It’s extremely discouraged and frowned upon.

7: You dont tip

You don’t tip when you go out to eat.  However, if you get superb service, you can tip if you want.  The first time we tipped, the waiter automatically thought it was a mistake, then proceeded to smile and ask “You’re from America aren’t you?” We only tipped a second time during our trip because our waiter was awesome.

8: Socialized medicine 

They have social medicine health care system set up in Australia, or universal health care, I don’t quite understand it all but read more of the smart stuff here from wikipedia (it’s the only site I could find with facts and no opinion.)  I developed pneumonia from a head cold during the 3 days of plane rides to get to Australia.  We payed for a down payment (for the doctor to see me), $30 for my chest x-rays and then payed for antibiotics.  It was neat to experience a different kind of medical care.

First official souvenir from Australia.

First official souvenir from Australia.

No sugar coating

No sugar coating

9: No drive through ATMs and Drive through fast food is limited and far from each other. 

Australia, NSW, has tons and tons of privately owned restaurants and the variety on one street is overwhelming!  Fast-food/drive-throughs are not a regular eating stop for them.  They either cook giant meals or go out to one of these little places.

10: News is awesome during Christmas time

During my stay, we were there for Christmas and New years.  News channels have a special “breaking news announcement” for kids, they pretend that Santa and Mrs. Clause is real and they give news updates and weather reports for Christmas Eve night!  I couldn’t find any full length footage but here is a promo trailer for a news channel “santa tracking”.


2 thoughts on “10 things I learned about Australia

  1. Nice memories of that trip. Thanks for posting. Here are a couple more:
    1) no high fructose corn syrup, even real Diet Coke tasted different. 2) you really get an idea of how big the planet is after travelling for 20+ hours at 500 mph and you’re only half way around.

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