Hay is for Horses

I have not had the privilege, yet, to own horses of my own, but I have had opportunities to work with friend’s horses as if they were my own.  I have been working with horses and riding them since a young age, I did shows lessons, you name it.  The horses I work with now are filled with personality and love and come in three different sizes.  Kali the Clydesdale, Bugsy the Quarter Horse, Spike the Miniature Pony.  Large, medium and small.







I mostly groom them: brushing down, working through knots in mane/tail, cleaning hooves out, and lots of love.  When I have extra time, and the weather isn’t against us, I get to ride Bugsy.  I’m still working on leg and hand communication while riding so he knows what I’m asking instead of relying on voice signals.  I hope to blog more about my experiences and maybe go through a few tutorials of basic grooming and/or saddling to start with.

But for now, here’s some interesting photos and funny blurbs about the horses:

Sometime’s Bugsy gets jealous for attention.

Attitude probs

Attitude probs

And Spike does too… this is “I’m not looking directly at you, but I can still see you.”

Spike has attitude too, but it's so cute!

Spike has attitude too, but it’s so cute!

Kali’s feet are huge.  She’s really good about picking up her feet and holding them for you.  Otherwise, it would be too heavy for me to hold with one hand and clean with the other!  The triangle in the center of the hoof is called the “frog.”

Kali's hoof

Kali’s dinner plate feet

Bugsy always knows when I have treats, if I hide them behind my back he automatically searches my face then goes for my hands.


No treats? Your face will have to do!

There is a not-so-subtle height difference between Kali and Spike.  When their “human parents” first got Spike, he thought Kali was his mom!

Kali and Spike

The kind of baby that never grows bigger!

It’s always a sad time when my work is done and it’s time to go…


Time to go.. No, don’t leave!!!


2 thoughts on “Hay is for Horses

  1. I grew up with horses too, and know a lot about them (but not riding). My best friend’s family owns a racing stable, and I wasn’t allowed to ride them as a kid, because my parents were afraid I’d get hurt. But I grew up around horses. 🙂 cedarlockfarm.com is the website and logo I designed for her. 🙂

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