Too tired… Look at these flowers!

Before I started blogging this month I had just been to the Arboretum that is on Oleander Rd. if you live in WIlmington, NC.  It’s a free 7 acre garden to walk through and so beautiful!  Since I am still recovering from my full day yesterday, I cannot deliver a wonderfully written post but I can deliver beautiful photos and share my experience.  Even though these gardens are smaller than Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach that I talked about in an earlier post, but the Arboretum is located in Wilmington and it is free admission!

IMG_2703 IMG_2706 IMG_2709 IMG_2712 IMG_2726 IMG_2727 IMG_2765 IMG_2804

The roses there are huge and healthy!  The walking paths are nice and it’s just a lovely experience.  It’s also a great date idea or a nice free venue to practice your photography skills!  Speaking of photography skills, I need to go back and practice since these photos were taken with my iPhone.



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