Bad Cooking Day

Today I was trying to practice cooking without over thinking or second guessing myself, which is what I usually do.  I have decided that I really need to take classes or set a goal for myself to cook something once a day for three weeks or something like that.

To begin, I tried cooking myself lunch.  I found a tutorial on Pinterest, picture by picture, for chicken fried rice.  I won’t post the link because I know I went wrong and it’s not their fault.  I started thawing chicken and veggies, got out the eggs, soy sauce, then I realized I didn’t have any rice.  Genius right?  Fear not, it gets worse, I am searching the kitchen for anything I can use.  I found ramen noodles, because that’s the same thing right?  Not.

I wasn’t doing too do bad in the beginning with the vegetables

Not too bad.. yet

Not too bad.. yet

But it just went down hill from chicken to noodles.  When everything was done and the noodles were burning to the bottom of the pan I couldn’t stand the smell by then.  Plus, I didn’t trust that the chicken was actually finished cooking, so I had to throw it out.

On to the next disappointment.

I found this cute little recipe on Pinterest for Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake .  It looked like a good idea, and still is.  I followed her ingredients and instructions but didn’t get the same results.

Mixing ingredients together

Mixing ingredients together

Be sure to be on the look out for partially narcoleptic dog (joke, not real life).  Abigail will just lay down behind your feet when she feels like it and trip you.

Oh yeah, watch out

Oh yeah, watch out

Here it goes.. Microwaved for 1 minute, as instructions say.

In to the microwave it goes

In to the microwave it goes

This is the result… I even added an extra 30 seconds.  I’m thinking that I missed an ingredient (not likely) or that the mug was too big.

Maybe the mug is too big?

Maybe the mug is too big?

It was gooey, so it didn’t cook all the the way and still tasted like canned pumpkin.

I’m still dreaming of making those Macarons.. and eating them…soon…


Soon… I will learn to cook

To sum it all up, I need lessons and I’m still hungry.

On an unrelated note, I’m succeeding in learning to crochet a scarf!  So even if I go hungry, I’ll be warm.


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