Glorious Cooking Day

Yesterday was a disaster but today was perfection!  I attempted some classy french macaroons for the first time with my mom’s help!

I followed this recipe, but I did not use the cream of tartar:

And this video:

When it came to the part of folding, I folded too much and I thought it was all ruined.  The tutorials say that it needs, absolutely needs, to have a consistency of lava.  Which mine was not.  It was runny and sad looking.  I blew through anyway, I put it in plastic baggies and squished it out in circles and cooked them!

I highly agree with “let them sit for 30-40 minutes before cooking them”

And I cooked them for exactly 20 minutes.  But remember that all ovens are different.  Letting them sit makes them tacky so that they will rise up (not out, like most cookies) and that’s how you get the feet!

Mine sitting:

Before Cooking (sad looking)

Before Cooking (sad looking)

After Cooking!

After cooking! Look at those little feet!

After cooking! Look at those little feet!

First batch with Raspberry filling:

Raspberry Filling

Raspberry Filling

Second batch with Raspberry Lemon filling:

Raspberry and Lemon Filling

Raspberry and Lemon Filling

Raspberry Lemon Macaroon:

Raspberry Lemon French Macaroon!

Raspberry Lemon French Macaroon!

I am so excited that today’s cooking went much smoother than yesterday’s!  It was by the grace of God that these turned out so beautiful!  According to every tutorial, every video and picture I should have failed.  Miserably failed.  But I didn’t!  Now I have a beautifully classy dessert to bring to a movie night!


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