3 tips to keep you on your toes

Here are three tips that have helped me during this internship so far.  Tracking everything and taking notes helps me not to forget anything and therefore cuts down on stress.

Also, I’ve just noticed that I am in the home stretch of the “31 days of writing” for the month of October!  I will be posting frequently when October is over, but most likely not every day.  I’ll admit there has been some “struggle bus” moments where I’m scrambling to get work done as well as a post published.  That’s why some days just have to be pictures.  Tonight I was working on a Halloween costume and looked at the clock and it hit me that the one thing I don’t write down or schedule in my calendar is posting everyday on WordPress.  Somehow I’ve maintained blogging everyday so far for this month.  So here are those three things that help me:

1. Hand Writing

My first tool that I am loving is hand writing everything!  Notes, to-do lists, to-do-tomorrow lists, any thought.

I know, wow, hand writing is so old school.. and it is.  But I have tried note taking apps, browser tools, etc. and nothing has worked as fool proof as hand writing everything.  I’ve found that if I write a to-do list or a note from a work meeting, I remember it throughout the day and think of ways to tackle it.  On the other hand, when I write it down, I have confidence that it’s written down and I can go about my day until I’ve come to the time to look at those notes and complete them.  Since I’m a designer I have two notebooks, one with lines and then a sketch book, so I’m always prepared for whatever “note” that I have to take.

2. Toggl (iPhone app) 

Toggl is a time tracking app, you can enter a quick and short description then press “start” and it tracks your time to whenever you stop it.  My boss introduced me to this tool, I’ve utilized it the most from my iPhone, but today he’s shown me that there’s a more in depth version for browsers.  I do believe the browser Toggl tool can include billable hours and whatnot.  I will be checking it out later on.

3.  iPhone’s Calendar

Or any calendar on a smart phone.  Since beginning this internship and all the meetings that come with it I’ve needed reminders.  I love iPhone’s design of the calendar and event making (especially when you can boss Siri around and tell her to make an event.)  but any calendar will work.  Since I’m so afraid of forgetfulness, I copy all my events to a big wall calendar as well so I can see them blown up.


I hope these help.  The number one tool is being productive and wise in your time management and there is no iPhone app that can change who you are, especially if you’re lazy; then you’re just going to have to try harder.  But hopefully these tips and tools will help you keep track of your productive burdens.


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