Hello Sweetie ;) and Happy Halloween

And happy last day of “31 days of writing” too!

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’ll probably understand the title!  Yesterday was pumpkin carving and today is halloween!  My boyfriend and I decided to combine a favorite show with the carving ideas.  Well, here you go:

Parker with his pumpkin

Parker with his pumpkin

His rind was too think to really cut anything out of it, he gave it two eyes and a little mouth and gave up.  It was a cool pumpkin, probably could have worked better painting it like a witch or something, it had some green warts on it.



Jordan taking a turn

We both took turn cutting out the Tardis, that way we both get credit!  If I were to do it again, I’d pick out a bigger pumpkin.  This one was a nice size, but some of the lines on the Tardis are kinda broken and holding on by a toothpick


Finished Product!

Look at that!  Aren’t we artists!

Happy Halloween everyone and happy last post of October’s writing challenge!  I did it!


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