Glorious Cooking Day

Yesterday was a disaster but today was perfection!  I attempted some classy french macaroons for the first time with my mom’s help! I followed this recipe, but I did not use the cream of tartar: And this video: When … Continue reading

Date Day!!!

Yesterday was Date Day with my boyfriend.  It was his turn to make plans and think of things to do and surprise me!  I was a difficult three days leading up to Saturday because of the word “surprise.”  Let’s get something straight, I love surprises and I don’t want to wait for them, but I do want to wait, but I don’t.



So I was badgering Jordan with 20 questions trying to guess where we were going.  Serpentarium, no, aquarium, no, zoo, no, fall festival, no, paddle boarding, no, shopping, double no; I was so far off.

Jordan combined my love of animals and art and found an art show room that was displaying some neat animal paintings!  It was so cool!  There were three rooms of different artists, there were other beautiful landscapes but I didn’t want to take too many pictures and upset the person working there.

This one was my favorite, my second favorite I sadly don’t have a picture of (it was a giant camel!)



From there we walked down the shopping center and had some fun in a dog toy store.  They had a $2.99 toy bin and I got my dogs some new duck quacking toys!

But, the most unexpected accidental surprise was… dessert!  We decided to pop in and try out a new business in town called the Shuga Shak .  It’s a cute really small building that (we guessed at the time) sold desserts.  Before that glorious day I had never tried a french macaron, before that day they were just weird desserts that look like hamburgers, before that day you get the picture.

This company is partnered with Flower & Flour, they mostly do weddings, parties and catering etc.  But Shuga Shak you can actually go into and buy their desserts separate from an event.

Anyways, french macarons are the classiest, lightest, best dessert I’ve ever had!  In my opinion, you can have your own, but I am in love with these macarons.  The owner talked with me about how difficult they are to make and now I’ve looked at some tutorials and they do look time consuming!

I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of me eating one (or all of them, I consumed all of the five that I bought, no shame here) but sadly, I was so caught up in a movie and eating them that I forgot that I had a duty to show my blog followers new things.  So here is a picture from the Shuga Shak website:

Beautiful French Macarons

However, when the time allows (this week hopefully), I will be posting my experience with a tutorial I will choose from Pinterest!!!  Take the poll to tell me what flavor to try to make first, even though you won’t get a taste:

Even though Jordan only planned the art gallery, the entire day was beautiful and wonderful.

Pumpkin NomNoms

I dont have a tutorial to go along with these because my mom made these while I was at work.  They are so yummy but kind of messy!  We have a donut maker that we bought from Bed Bath & Beyond, but she also used a miniature muffin pan.  Of course, same taste just different size, I personally like the mini muffins because I feel justified in eating more (because they’re small)

Click on the picture to go to the recipe!

Pumpkin Donut and muffins!

Pumpkin donut and muffins!