Tired again…Look at these!

Sorry, I’ve had a super long day and I can’t even make up a cool story to entertain you with.  So here are some of my favorite pictures I took while in Australia (I’ve toned my “favorite photos” down, because let’s be … Continue reading


10 things I learned about Australia

Here’s some interesting facts about Australia, I picked up these cool/weird facts when I was there.  I went for christmas vacation with my family to visit friends there.  We were there for almost 3 weeks and it still doesn’t seem … Continue reading


It has begun… dun dun dun…

31 days of blogging has begun on this first day of October, 2013.  I hope to grow my writing skills and design layout strategies in this month.  I have a list of potential projects and posts that I am aspiring to do.  I am excited to get started!

On that note, it is beautiful weather here on the east coast of North Carolina and it has reminded me of the time when I was on vacation in Australia.  The weather was similar to the cool breeze and warm sun we are having today.  This post is about the wild birds I miss the most.  Here, in North Carolina, we commonly see seagulls, pigeons and grackles and while Australia has their version of those birds I miss these the most:

Rainbow Lorikeets:


Yellow-Crested Cockatoos:


Both these birds are everywhere!  It was difficult to get used to seeing them all over the place!  By the way, the Cockatoos are beautiful but there “call” sounds like a baby pterodactyl that was unleashed.

There will be more about Australia later!  These photos are mine,  in the future I will credit ones that are not mine.

Thanks for reading!