Christmas List ideas

If you don’t have any problem filling a page of items you would like for Christmas, then maybe this post isn’t for you.  But if you’re like me and forget what you actually want, or don’t know what to ask for without cleaning a wallet out, then read on.

Throughout the year I can find things and “dream shop” for things I want but never buy them and I can never remember them by the time people start asking you what you want.  Here are a few reminders that help me.

1.  Remember the movies (or music)

Recall or keep a list of movies you’ve seen that you would like to own.  I love having movies but do not enjoy buying them myself.  Or use the phone app, Shazam, to catalog all the music you’ve liked and ask for an iTunes gift card, or a specific album.

2.  Think of the Gadgets

Remember all those cool little gadget accessories that you see at Bed Bath and Beyond but don’t buy those either?  Those are a great stocking stuffer idea to mention for yourself or anyone who is hard to buy for.  It’s usually a safe zone.  I’ve also added a drawing tablet to my list, relatively cheap, but still a gadget I would like.

3.  Gift Cards

I know it’s the most impersonal gift that you could ask for but frankly I wouldn’t trust a grandmother to pick out clothes as a gift.  As long as your entire list isn’t made up of gift cards, I think mentioning one or two isn’t quite so bad.  For example, I have a fabric store gift card listed and a clothes gift card.

4.  Games or Books

Whether you’re a gamer or a board gamer, it’s always fun to mix it up a little.  Call of Duty vs. Apples to Apples, Assassins Creed vs. Chutes and Ladders etc.  If you’re a super nerd and haven’t (will not) upgrade to a reading tablet, you can always ask for books!  I still love asking for those giant informational books that you find at the library (Science, animals, movies, nature, etc.)

5.  Phone Accessories

I have an iPhone 5, so the possibilities are endless.  Whatever phone you have, find an accessory that you want.  Check out Etsy, they have amazing accessories.

6.  Final tip

My final tip is to shop around on Amazon.  It’s vast hoard of everything will give you insight to what you really want; or what you need.

Good luck and I hope that Santa brings you everything you’ve asked for!