Happy Lunch

This is an update on how my lunch mentor sessions with “Mary” are going.

Today was by far a really good day, if not the most talkative and open lunch we’ve ever had.  It started off kind of slow but really took off after we talked about her cheerleading.  She told me how they got first place over the weekend and if they win regionals they get to go to Disney World!  Isn’t that awesome?!  I told her how proud I was of her.  She says she’s doing great in class and is getting high grades, which was not the case last year.   We then talked about halloween and costumes and soon after that I barely spoke.  Mary took off in the conversation and she opened up so much about her family and her home life.

When I learned about the area in which she lives, my heart sank a little, she lives in an area of town known for it’s gang violence.  I will be praying for her much more specifically now.  I had no idea.  I learned so many other things about her and now I know what her favorite halloween candy is and am planning on bringing it to our next lunch!  I am so glad to see her opening up, she’s grown so much since last year.  The teacher even tells me her behavior and grades have improved just because of our lunches.

I can’t wait to see where her feet take her in life!  I hope to stay in contact with her even past her elementary school days.

Her favorite halloween candy

Her favorite halloween candy