There are Adventures to be had

This week has come to a close and this weekend holds many shenanigans and adventures to be had.

I love car rides and what a perfect way to start the weekend by driving to Raleigh with my boyfriend  and family to visit and stay with friends!  Tomorrow, Saturday, we are going to the NC State Fair.  However, this news article has me a little nervous about some adventures that may need to be skipped… but I know that I will be cautious.  I’m not one to stand in line for an hour for one ride that’s going to scare me and make me cry in the end.

I am most excited to see the animals!  I am so looking forward to taking pictures and sharing with you all!  I also have my heart set on winning a prize at one of the many games the fair offers.  I’ve never won anything at a fair and I feel like this is the year!

Of course there is always the food everywhere that most people love to take part in.  I search and want for nothing but a giant carmel apple.  I have my plan all set out, I will go to the fair and price all the apples and then on the way out I will buy one to take home and enjoy!  I remember last year, they had triple dipped apples!  Chocolate, carmel, chocolate and then rolled in something (M&Ms, nuts, sprinkles, etc.)

Adventure is upon us, time for bed!