Repurposing pebbles and burning fingers

I have decided on a few of the suggestions from the post “What can I do with my pebble loot?” To start it off, I hot-glued them onto a small canvas in the shape of a seahorse!  It was a great craft and relatively quick.

I used:

  •  8×6 canvas
  • scrap-book paper for the background (cut to size)
  • shells and pebbles I previously collected
  • and a hot glue gun.

It took me several minutes to plan out my design, I did a few Pinterest searches to get the art juices flowing, but once I got that squared away it all came together pretty quickly!  I definitely suggest laying out your idea before starting to glue anything.  In the picture below, the white canvas is where I laid everything out and I would glue and transfer to the final blue canvas below it.

Assembling the pieces

Assembling the pieces

Be careful when hot gluing small pieces together, it can get pretty messy and that glue is hot!

The glue gun bit me!

The glue gun bit me!

I used some of the pebbles I found at topsail and some shells I have been collecting.

Ta-da! Seahorse all done!  Complete with bubble accessories.

Ta-da! Seahorse all done! Complete with bubble accessories.

I do have some pebbles left over so I will be continuing the crafts!  My plan is to learn how to drill holes into them and make cut-out shapes.  I will post that project, hopefully in tutorial form.  I also want to paint some of them to sit in the garden outside.  Also, if I have any left after that, I want to put the rest in a jar with some baby oil or mineral oil to keep them shiny as if they just came out of the water!

Comment and let me know if you have any questions on the seahorse project!






What can I do with my pebble loot?

I went to the beach today with my boyfriend, Topsail beach specifically, and found more pebbles than shells!  Lots of pebbles… I went crazy, I hunted and gathered pebbles as many as I could fit into each of my fists.  However, I’m making it sound as though I have a hoard of pebble treasure and let me assure you that I do not, see, here’s a picture..

The fruits of my hunt

The fruits of my hunt

Looks like I found a shell after all… Anyway, I was thinking of possible crafts and I need your help! In the future I will typically post DIY projects or tutorials that I’ve done on my own, but I want your input on what I should do with these beautiful pebbles.  I was thinking possibly painting them, hot-gluing them into something, etc.  It would be awesome if I could turn it into a christmas gift(s) for someone(s)!

I probably won’t use the possessed one that looks like the face, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show you guys:

Demon pebble

The pebble sees into your soul

Okay, I do need your ideas, and when I decide on one I will take pictures of the process of the craft and turn it into another post for you all!  Maybe even turn it into a tutorial instead of a show-and-tell.

Here’s a poll for starters:

If the multiple choice isn’t cutting it, please comment on this blog post!  It is the quickest way to get my attention!  I also welcome links to Pinterest projects that you think are good ideas!

Depending on the responses, I will make my decision Monday or Tuesday on what I am to do and I’ll tag the person who’s idea I have chosen.

After a long day of pebble plundering, it was nice to sit back and watch the sky colors change with the sunset:

So pretty and relaxing

So pretty and relaxing