What can I do with my pebble loot?

I went to the beach today with my boyfriend, Topsail beach specifically, and found more pebbles than shells!  Lots of pebbles… I went crazy, I hunted and gathered pebbles as many as I could fit into each of my fists.  However, I’m making it sound as though I have a hoard of pebble treasure and let me assure you that I do not, see, here’s a picture..

The fruits of my hunt

The fruits of my hunt

Looks like I found a shell after all… Anyway, I was thinking of possible crafts and I need your help! In the future I will typically post DIY projects or tutorials that I’ve done on my own, but I want your input on what I should do with these beautiful pebbles.  I was thinking possibly painting them, hot-gluing them into something, etc.  It would be awesome if I could turn it into a christmas gift(s) for someone(s)!

I probably won’t use the possessed one that looks like the face, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show you guys:

Demon pebble

The pebble sees into your soul

Okay, I do need your ideas, and when I decide on one I will take pictures of the process of the craft and turn it into another post for you all!  Maybe even turn it into a tutorial instead of a show-and-tell.

Here’s a poll for starters:

If the multiple choice isn’t cutting it, please comment on this blog post!  It is the quickest way to get my attention!  I also welcome links to Pinterest projects that you think are good ideas!

Depending on the responses, I will make my decision Monday or Tuesday on what I am to do and I’ll tag the person who’s idea I have chosen.

After a long day of pebble plundering, it was nice to sit back and watch the sky colors change with the sunset:

So pretty and relaxing

So pretty and relaxing